The Future of E-Cigarettes

LOGIC Technology CEO Eli Alelov discuss the possible impact of government regulations on electronic cigarettes on Fox News.

By John Lofstock, Editor

Hailed by many as an emerging threat to the tobacco cigarette industry, electronic cigarettes have provided smokers with an alternative to traditional tobacco-based smoking. These battery-operated devices simulate the experience of traditional cigarette smoking by supplying the user with a nicotine delivery system, the appearance of smoke upon exhalation and the hand to mouth familiarity of smoking, while remaining free of the many harmful toxins found in traditional tobacco products.

Click to watch Eli Alelov discuss potential FDA legislation of e-cigarettes.

logic ecigsFor 2012, according to Wells Fargo, e-cigarette sales generated roughly $300 million at retail. But that number is expected to grow exponentially—developing into a $1 billion category as early as 2013 and offering gross margins comparable to traditional cigarettes, within a decade. While Wells Fargo’s figures didn’t differentiate between sales of disposable and rechargable e-cigarettes, one thing is for sure: the opportunity for new sales is boundless.

“It’s a fairly new category, and that’s what I find so exciting,” said Bonnie Herzog, senior market analyst at Wells Fargo. “I’m making some pretty big predictions. I think it’s possible that consumption of e-cigarettes could surpass that of traditional cigarettes within the next decade.”

LOGIC Technology CEO Eli Alelov discussed the possible impact of government regulations on electronic cigarettes on Fox News. View the video at:



  1. Very excited about the growth of e-cigarettes. My ultimate favorite company that I would like to see grow even more is Halo Cigs.

  2. The Electronic Cigarette is for sure here to stay. It’s a matter of time before our government get’s their hands in the cookie jar. It’s going to happen, that’s not even a question. Hopefully they will realize the importance of these products an see the benefits and not just the set backs.

  3. Linda Reid says:

    I too am very excited at the prospect of many smokers deaths being prevented by the harmful chemicals and toxins found in tobacco cigarettes. The market is exponential and anyone in the industry should be in it for the right reason! I would support Cool Breeze E-Cigs in the UK on this one, they will fast become market leaders and that’s my prediction.

  4. Lucas Chang says:

    The electronic cigarette is great battery device. I was a heavy smoker before until I was introduced to the electronic cigarette from E-Lites. The ecig helped my health, saved me a lot of money and allowed me to smoke anywhere. 2 years on, I have totally quit smoking, it just shows that electronic cigarettes could be the start to quitting smoking altogether. Saying that, I am not surprised that e-cigarette sales have grown and will continue to grow in the future, as long as strong laws are not enforced, which could revert smokers to tobacco cigarettes.

  5. I have my eCigator electronic cigarette, and its cool! compare to conventional smoking!

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