Mielke Oil Signs on With VP’s Retail Branding Program

VP Racing Fuels Inc. announced the newest addition to its roster of retail brand partners — Mielke Oil Co.

Based in Little Falls, Minn., Mielke has distributed VP’s race fuels and other performance products for two years and sees much opportunity in VP’s brand program.

VP Edit“VP enjoys a great reputation for quality products in the racing industry and loyalty among performance enthusiasts, which we believe will carry over to consumers outside the performance market as well,” said Doug Mielke, president of Mielke Oil. “By adopting VP’s brand program, we anticipate a boost in sales of VP’s race fuels and performance products as well as street gas, and these increased sales in turn will help us brand more stations.”

Mielke Oil distributes to 70-plus retail locations in five states including Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

“VP’s brand image is truly unique and will help differentiate our retail locations from the competition,” Mielke said. “Coupled with VP’s outstanding credit card program and the additional revenue we expect to generate, VP’s program offers substantial benefits that will make our retail partners more competitive.”

Founded in 1969, Mielke Oil is a full service bulk and packaged fuel and lubricants distributor providing service to c-stores, automotive centers, lube-change shops, industrial, railroad, and more. Its warehouse and packaging facility in central Minnesota includes a 55,000 square foot building with bulk and packaged products, as well as 415,000 gallons of bulk lubricant and fuel storage. Mielke’s tractor-trailers are capable of carrying both bulk and packaged lubricants in one trip, eliminating the need for multiple deliveries and improving the delivery efficiency for its customers.

“We’re excited to bring a great partner like Mielke Oil into our branding program and look forward to working together to grow our brand,” said Alan Cerwick, president of VP Racing Fuels. “Mielke Oil has enjoyed great success for two—going on three—generations, to become a premier supplier in Minnesota and the surrounding states. They’re in a unique position to recognize how VP’s game-changing retail brand program will address some of the industry’s ills and provide a positive impact on retailers’ bottom line.”


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