RooCup Returns at Kangaroo Express

kangaroo-express-celebrates-national-coffee-day01Fans can reserve a refillable cup online and start their RooCup summer one week early.

Kangaroo Express, operated by The Pantry Inc. has announced that fans of its RooCup can now pre-register to reserve, or rather “ROOserve,” their refillable cups for the summer.

The RooCup, a collectible cup refillable with any fountain and frozen beverage for only 25-cents, has captured the hearts of thirsty guests and will return to Kangaroo Express convenience stores for its third thirst-quenching summer season.

The 2013 RooCup retails for just $6.99, plus tax, and can be refilled through Labor Day at any of the more than 1,570 Kangaroo Express locations throughout the Southeast.

Starting April 3, Kangaroo Express guests can “ROOserve” their 2013 RooCup on the Kangaroo Express Facebook page and unlock an additional week of RooCup refills and summer fun. Those who make a reservation will be emailed a certificate with details to redeem in store and purchase a RooCup starting April 24 at noon ET, one week before the RooCup’s release to the public on May 1.

Last summer, almost 25,000 RooCup super fans reserved their RooCup to lock in a summer of thirst-quenching deals. The online reservation system ensures devoted RooCup fans don’t miss out on a second of the RooCup summer they have come to know and love.

“With millions of drink refills last year, the RooCup continues to be a thirst-quenching deal that is part of our guests’ daily lives,” said Joe Venezia, senior vice president of operations, Kangaroo Express. “The RooCup has grown from a cup our guests refill to enjoy their favorite drinks at a low price, to a cup connected with memories of summer, friends and road trips. This summer, Kangaroo Express is making it easier for fans to find the nearest refill station and to add their own personal flair by customizing their RooCup—and their summer RooCup experience.”

Fans are encouraged to share their RooCup designs and summer RooCup experiences on Twitter and Instagram with #RooCup. Those that do will have the chance to be featured on and the Kangaroo Express Facebook page as a “#RooCup of the Week.”

Kangaroo Express is also seeking passionate devotees to share their summer RooCup experience as part of the RooCup Street Team. Ultimate RooCup fans can sign up for the Street Team when pre-registering to “ROOserve” their RooCup. Street Team members will have five chances to win 200 free RooCup refills throughout the summer. The member who builds the most RooCup excitement in his or her hometown will win a $500 Kangaroo Express gift card and earn the title of the “Ultimate RooCup Fanatic.”

Customization options and additions to the summer RooCup fun will also be released May 1. These include RooCup decal kits, colored straws and more.

Also new this summer is a Kangaroo Express smart phone app, allowing guests to find the closest store to refill their RooCup along their travels. Guests that download the app, free at the iPhone, Android and Blackberry app stores, will unlock more than $30 in savings with the “Passport to Savings,” including free refills and coupons for a RooCup refill and snack for just $1.

Fans can also join the RooCup Club again this year by texting “ROOCUP” to “THEROO” (“843766”) to receive text messaging deals, such as free refill days. Additional in-store deals on candy, snacks and more will keep the savings flowing all summer long.




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