Captain Black Cigarillos

Scandinavian Tobacco Group presents Captain Black Cigarillos. These aromatic cigarillos are packed with exciting flavors that are consistent throughout the entire smoking experience. Captain Black Cigarillos are packaged in a contemporary design that is as “cool” as the consumers that will smoke them. The cigarillos are available in a three-pack foil pouch and singles. Captain Black Cigarillos are made using the same high quality, aromatic tobacco that is synonymous with the brand. Captain Black Cigarillos is available in Sweet, Cherry and Grape. The flavorings that are used in these cigars are blended into the tobacco prior to the cigar being formed. This process gives the cigars an incredible aroma and flavor that last throughout the entire experience. The Lane Limited portfolio includes Captain Black Pipe Tobacco, Winchester and Captain Black Little Cigars and Bugler Roll Your Own products to name a few.
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