Convenience Valet Partners With Wholesome Goodness

Convenience Valet has teamed with Wholesome Goodness to introduce a broad assortment of affordable, all-natural and great tasting foods that are “simple, naturally delicious.” 

All Wholesome Goodness  foods are made with a nutrition-minded approach, and an emphasis on natural ingredients such as whole grains and fiber and other beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and Omega-3’s.  Sodium, sugar and fat are reduced or eliminated. Product offerings include all-natural chips, trail mixes and granola bars.

“We recognize that diabetes and obesity rates are at historic, all-time highs,” said Dave Arensdorf, vice president of sales and marketing at Convenience Valet. “Fortunately, consumers are responding to this alarming trend as evidenced by double digit growth in demand for these natural alternatives over the past few years.  The Wholesome Goodness line of affordably priced products fills this “good for you” niche.  This exciting new line serves to compliment and broaden our focus on our already extensive portfolio of wellness brands, including GNC, Emergen-C, Airborne, Protein to Go and Natrol.  Our company does not want to be known simply as a redistributor of established brands, but rather as innovators who focus on bringing new, unique items that are good for you and follow this emerging growth category.”

Wholesome Goodness unique products include Grilled Vegetable and Multi-Grain/Omega Tortilla Chips in single-serving (1.75 ounce) or multi-serving (nine ounce) bags. Snack mixes include such original flavors as Mountain and Tuxedo mixes and they are available in 1.25-ounce single-serve or multi-serving six-ounce bags.



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