Pilot Flying J Makes $165 Million Investment

Drivers now enjoy 3,000 Lanes of DEF at the pump.

A commitment to making life better for America’s drivers means finding ways—big and small—to make their jobs easier, faster and more convenient. In keeping with that commitment, Pilot Flying J now offers diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) at the pump at 3,000 fuel lanes across the U.S.

Knowing it would make refueling easier and more convenient for professional drivers, Pilot Flying J first started offering DEF at the pump in 2009 and was the first retailer to do so. Considering those benefits for drivers well worth pursuing, Pilot Flying J has now invested more than $165 million in expanding its network of DEF at the pump.

“Drivers were stopping to refuel and then having to come inside to purchase gallons of DEF and carry them back out to their trucks to fill up their DEF tanks,” said Pilot Flying J President Mark Hazelwood. “We always love to have drivers come in to see us and grab a hot meal or a cup of coffee, but we don’t want them to be inconvenienced if they don’t have to be.  Investing in DEF at the pump has been a direct investment in the quality of life for our professional driver customers, and that’s what matters to our team.”

Pilot Flying J’s 3,000 lanes offering DEF at the pump stretch across nearly 400 locations in 42 states and four Canadian provinces, and the company now offers more than twice as many lanes with DEF at the pump than its closest competitor.

But the company isn’t stopping there. Pilot Flying J plans to have DEF at the pump available at all diesel lanes by the fall of 2013.

“By the fall of 2013, professional drivers will enjoy the convenience of DEF at the pump at any and every Pilot Flying J diesel lane,” Hazelwood said. “Our team is excited to complete this project, and it’s a convenience we hope every driver will enjoy.”

DEF is a nontoxic solution used in vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce levels of NOx emissions. Diesel engines purchased after Jan. 1, 2010, require the use of DEF in vehicles using SCR technology to reduce emissions and meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2010 tailpipe standards.

DEF at the pump allows drivers to dispense the fluid conveniently from the fuel island into the DEF tank of their truck or vehicle. In addition to the convenience of DEF at the pump, all Pilot Flying J locations sell DEF in one-gallon and 2.5-gallon containers.


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