Atlas Oil Earns Safest-in-Class Honors

“Safety is something that can’t be compromised,” says Atlas CEO.

Atlas Oil has been named 2012 Safest-in-Class by the Michigan Trucking Association (MTA). The company logged 5.4 million miles in the State of Michigan during 2012 with a .37 accident rate to secure the top honors in the tank truck division at the annual MTA Awards banquet in Lansing in late February. 

In addition to the fleet award, two Atlas drivers, Walt Schmus and James Turrin, were nominated for Driver of the Year—with Walt Schmus taking home one of the top 12 monthly driver awards for the year.

“Safety is something that can’t be compromised; it is at the heart of everything we do at Atlas,” said Sam Simon, CEO and Owner of Atlas Oil. “I am so proud of all of our dedicated and skilled Atlas drivers for putting safety first and ensuring that our customers get the fuel they need on time and in a safe manner.”

Atlas has a fleet of more than 100 trucks.  The fleet delivers gasoline, diesel, ethanol and other biofuels throughout its current footprint of 25 states. The safety ranking is critical for Atlas’ customers. “When the product you deliver is fuel, our customers want to know that they have chosen a safety conscious supplier. Not one of our customers wants to be associated with the negative reputation of hiring a supplier of questionable safety,” the company noted.

The main criterion for the MTA Fleet Safety Award is a company’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability profile or CSA.  CSA is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s operating model for evaluating motor carriers with regard to their safety performance.   CSA uses seven categories called BASICs (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories) to evaluate the safety performance of all motor carriers, including:

1.            Unsafe Driving – a measurement of moving violation convictions – speeding, following too close, etc.

2.            Hours of Service of Drivers – a measurement of hours of service violations

3.            Driver Fitness – a measurement of how well a carrier complies with medical qualifications for drivers

4.            Drugs & Alcohol – a measurement of how well a company complies with the requirements of a regulated D&A testing program

5.            Vehicle Maintenance – a measurement of how well vehicles are maintained and comply w/ vehicle safety regulations

6.            Hazardous Materials – a measurement of how well a company complies with hazardous materials regulations

7.            Crash – a measurement of  a company’s accident rate

In addition, data from roadside inspections is collected and a percentile rank with other carriers in the peer group is created for each BASIC.

One of the keys to Atlas’ success is a unique program for its drivers called the SEAL (Safe, Educated Atlas Leaders) program.  These drivers are highly skilled and trained to be the best in the industry. Not only do these drivers spend time in rigorous training and refresher courses, they also take the time to mentor new drivers to add to Atlas’ bench strength. Each SEAL completes a 240-hour training program along with a 12 hour re-certification annually. SEALS also provide ride along training for all new Atlas drivers.  On time deliveries, friendly and courteous service and an uncompromising focus on safety add further value to Atlas customers.

Atlas is a national fuel supply and distribution company. With 24/7/365 operations, Atlas meets the fuel and service needs of businesses, municipalities and government agencies in 25 states. Atlas also supplies fuel to nearly 400 gasoline convenience stores throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio and is responsible for the logistics and transportation of crude oil throughout the State of Texas.



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