Dressed To Stand Out

Wave Collection aims to diversify the discount cigarette category and satisfy adult customers with its rich, smooth flavor and stylish packs. Wave Collection’s design is a new addition to the brand family and will be available in California, Louisiana, and Kentucky during the second quarter 2013. Collection complements the brand’s premium quality American blend tobacco. It gives adult smokers style without compromise. Wave Collection is available in a sleek 100 millimeter round corner box in two popular flavors: Blue and Menthol Green. Wave Collection is supported by the JTI U.S.A. Field Force and offers unique integrated marketing programs typically associated with premium brands, including consumer coupon mailings, exciting consumer promotions and a dedicated consumer Website (www.wavecigarettes.com). Wave Collection’s sophisticated packaging, premium quality, unique marketing mix and affordable price can help build loyalty and repeat customers for your store. Diversify your discount cigarette category today.

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