Sports Drink With A Kick

Roar is a peak-performance sports drink, crafted for fast assimilation and long-lasting energy. It helps to replenish the body and mind, while sharpening focus and quickening muscular response. With a formula rooted in B-vitamins and minerals proved to boost metabolism and increase awareness, ROAR goes a step further and incorporates coconut water for both the electrolytes and its detoxifying effects. With no artificial flavors, no brominated vegetable oil (BVO), no preservatives, no gluten and less sugar than the average sport drink; Roar is naturally healthy, great tasting nutrition—a sports drink with a very big kick. A lifestyle brand, ROAR dons an aggressive combination of matte camouflage and neon splatter paint, and looks the part of the villain.  The packaging speaks to a younger, more style-minded customer with a marketing focus on extreme sports and fast paced aggressive growing sports like lacrosse, where style is just as important as function.  The market for an alternative choice is always there, one step beyond the usual, looking for the next big thing: they’re the front-runners, the style-setters. Roar—for the generation that demands more.

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