IRS Accepting Electronic Filings For Motor Fuel Excise Tax Claims

After changes to accommodate the American Taxpayer Relief Act, electronic filing is back.

The Internal Revenue Service has finished updating its tax-processing system software allowing business and individual taxpayers to once again electronically file 2012 federal motor fuel excise tax returns, biodiesel credit claims, as well as alternative fuel and alternative fuel mixture credits and income tax returns.

The IRS ceased the electronic filing option due to changes required by the American Taxpayers Relief Act passed by Congress in January. In the interim, claimants were required to file paper returns which created delay in processing motor fuel tax related claims. Over the weekend, the IRS completed reprogramming and testing of its systems for tax-year 2012, including all remaining updates required by the American Taxpayer Relief Act.

Please contact Mark Morgan, PMAA Regulatory Counsel, for any questions related to this change.



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