Automatic Mix’n Machine

Vitamix, a global supplier of high-performance blending equipment for home and commercial-use, offers the Automatic Mix’n Machine, a hands-free, fully programmable commercial-grade mixer that incorporates candies, syrups, cookies and hard-to-mix ingredients into hard or soft serve ice cream or yogurt. Specifically created for convenience retailers, it’s ideal for “self-serve” and “operator-serve” milkshake and mix-in dessert creations using hard or soft-serve ice cream and yogurt.  The machine features an easy-to-use LCD instruction screen, a reinforced agitator spoon to perfectly and consistently blend soft serve ice cream and candy mix-ins, and a clear door that allows consumers to watch the product being blended. The spoon is removed with each blend to reduce the chance of cross contamination between each treat. Vitamix’s fully-programmable Automatic Mix’n Machine does not require operator attention—simply press the button and within seconds remove the perfectly mixed frozen ice cream or yogurt treat along with the agitator spoon. The machine ensures that the treat will be mixed the same way every time.

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  1. twister says:

    I cannot find out when this will be available – I get no answer from Vita mix. My distributor was told a couple of weeks, and that was a couple of months ago. It’s almost summer!

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