Vanilla and Fruity Mini Marshmallows

Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based Doumak Inc. has introduced two new marshmallow snack items: Campfire one-ounce Miniature Marshmallows and one-ounce Fruity Miniature Marshmallows, both  in 12 count display boxes ideal for the front end, the count good section, the hot beverage section or the counter.  Campfire one-ounce Miniatures are a convenient single serve, fat free, gluten free, 90 calorie, sweet snack for the consumer on the go, a great lunch box treat, and can be cross merchandised with hot beverages.  Campfire once-ounce Miniatures are a sweet alternative to high calorie, high fat confections and salty snacks.

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Contact: Don Muff, Vice President – Sales and Marketing


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