Gulf Oil Introduces Loyalty Card

Point of purchase program enables Gulf-branded stations to establish individual “instant savings” promotions.

 Gulf Oil has unveiled its GulfCard Loyalty program to help its 2,500 Gulf-branded stations in 29 states drive sales and build customer loyalty. 

The program gives owners and operators at Gulf locations the ability to establish their own “instant savings” discount levels for customers who use the GulfCard when they fill up their tanks.

In addition to increasing sales and strengthening customer relationships, the GulfCard delivers other benefits, including protection against cash versus credit pricing, and no processing fees for GulfCard transactions, including gasoline purchases, repairs and in-station merchandise.  Participating stations are identified on Gulf’s Website (

“The GulfCard program is terrific for building customer loyalty and increasing sales,” explained Brian Strout, manager of AJ’s Gulf in Hingham, Mass.  “Our Gulf consumer card usage is up 350% over the past year.  We find that customers almost always come in to the store to buy something in addition to gasoline, and the GulfCard also helps keep us very competitive with area stations that use cash versus credit pricing strategies.”

“We are very pleased to be ramping up our GulfCard loyalty program to benefit our high quality network of branded Gulf stations across the country,” explained Gulf Oil Senior Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Rick Dery.  “These easy-to-manage programs give Gulf owners and operators effective ways to increase their revenue by attracting new customers and building stronger relationships with existing patrons.  In addition, the promotions are easily adjusted to meet changing market conditions.”

The program is managed online and includes the ability to customize point of purchase promotional materials.

Additionally, Gulf’s ongoing national marketing efforts, including its current “Power of Orange” consumer-focused campaign, build awareness of the benefits that come with using the GulfCard.  As more customers turn to the GulfCard, their loyalty to Gulf-branded stations increases, while driving down the cost of credit card fees for Gulf owners and operators.


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