Creamy Greek Yogurt

Dannon Foodservice announced that in addition to creamy-thick Dannon Oikos yogurts, it has added new Light & Fit Greek to its flavorful foodservice yogurt portfolio. At 80 calories per 5.3-ounces per serving, it’s the lightest Greek nonfat yogurt with fruit on the market. Together, this pair of deliciously creamy Greek yogurts offers operators a way to fulfill consumers’ calls for nutritious foods and grow in conjunction with the Greek yogurt craze. Not only is Greek yogurt the fastest-growing yogurt segment (IRI, TTL US Grocery Week Ended 2/19/12)—driving overall yogurt category growth, Dannon Oikos is growing three times faster than the entire Greek yogurt segment (IRI All-Outlet Panel Ended 11/18/12). Both Dannon Oikos and Light & Fit Greek are available in a convenient 5.3-ounce  grab-and-go size, and select flavors are available in bulk 32-ounce back-of-house containers that allow operators to incorporate the yogurt into parfaits, smoothies, recipes and more.

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