Hybrid Bioptic Scanner

Honeywell has introduced the Stratos 2700 bioptic scanner. Equipped with hybrid architecture that incorporates both laser and Honeywell’s industry-leading imaging technology, the Stratos 2700 is designed for retailers seeking to maximize their investment, increase customer throughput and reduce checkout loss. The device allows cashiers to quickly and easily scan virtually all bar codes, from traditional 1D barcodes to 2D bar codes found on the screen of a mobile phone, with a single device. Honeywell also offers a cost-effective migration path for easy upgrades in the field to meet future point-of-sale needs through the installation of various software and modular hardware plug-ins, including imagers and scales. When combined with an off-the-shelf camera, it creates an effective monitoring system that can, at a very reasonable cost, provide retailers significant value by reducing items that are forgotten or missed in the under cart area.

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