BI-LO Adds New Ways To Earn Fuel Savings

Introduction of item-based bonus rewards bring value to grocery shopping.

On the heels of a Wall Street Journal report that prices at U.S. gasoline pumps have climbed for 32 consecutive days to a four-month high, BI-LO announced it has expanded its popular fuelperks! program to now include hundreds of additional fuelperks! bonus rewards grocery items that will help customers rack up from 5-50 cents per gallon per item.

This announcement potentially means bigger and quicker savings for customers who have a BI-LO BONUSCARD.

Available in all BI-LO stores, the fuelperks! program is a simple way of saving money on gas. For every $50 in qualified purchases a shopper spends at BI-LO, they receive a five cents per gallon reward applied to their BI-LO BONUSCARD that is used at the pump to roll down the price of gas. Bonus fuelperks! rewards are promoted weekly and available on individual or bundled items for even greater savings. Both the $50 spend threshold and accumulated bonus fuelperks! rewards are tracked automatically—and in “real time”—through the BONUSCARD.

$50 Spent on Groceries = 5 cents per gallon +

Two Bonus fuelperks! Rewards Items
at 5 cents per gallon =                         10 cents per gallon +

Two Bonus fuelperks! Rewards Items
at 10 cents per gallon =                         20 cents per gallon +

Total fuelperks! Rewards =                         35 cents per gallon

For example, a customer who spends $50 on groceries in one trip automatically earns five cents per gallon with the standard fuelperks! rewards offer. If this customer, within their $50 total, also purchased two bonus rewards items worth five cents and two bonus reward items at 10 cents per gallon, then the potential fuelperks! rewards from this trip could equal 35 cents—not five cents—per gallon off their next fuel purchase at participating gas stations.

Customers can redeem their fuelperks! rewards right away or build rewards for up to a month with an additional three months to redeem at the pump for up to 20 gallons of gasoline and, for safety reasons, may only be used while fueling a single vehicle. For example, savings acquired in February are good until the end of May. fuelperks! rewards are redeemed by inserting the BI-LO BONUSCARD in the dispenser at participating fuel sites or by presenting a BONUSCARD to the cashier at the fuel station.

Bonus items and their cents per gallon value will vary each week, and each offer may contain limitations.

BI-LO is a subsidiary of BI-LO Holding, which is the ninth-largest traditional supermarket chain in the U.S. Under the banners BI-LO and Winn-Dixie, the company operates 686 grocery stores and 493 in-store pharmacies throughout the eight southeastern states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.


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