Kangaroo Express Adds NEO E-cigs

Retail agreement with The Pantry Inc. brings NEO to more than 1,250 stores; marks the first time the brand will be sold at retail.

The Pantry Inc. is set to distribute NEO e-cigs by Ballantyne Brands LLC, in more than 1,250 Kangaroo Express stores.

The Pantry and Ballantyne Brands said the NEO brand began appearing in the Kangaroo Express stores in December 2012. The agreement between Ballantyne Brands and The Pantry, which operates in 13 states, marks the first time that NEO is being sold through a retailer.

“NEO was a clear choice when making a supplier decision in this category,” said Jennifer Eaton, category manager at The Pantry. “As the leading convenience store operator in the southeastern U.S., we have to be certain the product we offer is of the best quality, and is at a price point that is attractive to our customers.”

“With more five years of retail experience in the electronic cigarette industry, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the best retail experience possible,” said John Wiesehan III, Ballantyne Brands’ vice president of sales. “Having a partner like The Pantry underscores our effort in being a brand consumers and retailers trust. Likewise, we are committed to offering quality products at an affordable price.”




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