Eco-Friendly Cleaners

JAWS International Ltd., a technology company committed to protecting the environment and making innovative products to that end, has introduced JAWS cleaners. JAWS cleaners is a line of nontoxic cleaners in reusable bottles that come with a 2.5-inch refill cartridge attached. Customers use up the main bottle, then refill the bottle with tap water, insert the cartridge, screw the nozzle on and lightly shake—voila, the new bottle of cleaner is ready to use. Customers save on plastic waste by reusing the same bottle. More refill cartridges are available separately in two-packs. The line has already rolled out to some drug and grocery stores nationally and is also available online. The cleaners come in bright cleaning colors (blue, orange, purple). Suggested retail price is around $5 per bottle. The line is sure to appeal to environmentally-aware customers.
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