MSA Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation

Over the past half-century, MSA has continually proven that it is dedicated to the principles that have always led to success.

Over the course of the past 50 years, Management Science Associates Inc. (MSA) has been a diverse, dynamic, evolving partner to its clients.

By remaining true to its research-driven roots and consistently nurturing a spirit of innovation, the Pittsburgh-based technology company has created a blueprint for excellence that clients and competitors alike refer to as the MSA Model: a belief in bringing the right people to the problem; partner with a client throughout a project to identify its needs; and develop and deliver an innovative, customized, functional, and affordable solution. This model has withstood the test of time for one simple reason―it works, where the alternative of bringing a list of generalized products to the table does not.

MSA’s employees pride themselves on being a science- and service-driven company that also creates whatever new tools may be required.

Approaching complex and daunting challenges with confidence, innovative approaches, and advanced analytics and other expertise has been a hallmark of MSA since its infancy. Through its commitment to cutting-edge technology, expert data management, and advanced analytics, MSA has adhered to the ideals of its Founder and Chairman Dr. Alfred A. Kuehn. Utilizing a broad skill set and systems developed over a half century of tireless innovation, MSA developed lasting partnerships with market leaders in a wide-array of industries.

MSA’s Information Management Solutions (IMS) Division is the premier solution provider to consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and distributors, leveraging their sales and marketing information assets to drive growth and efficiency. The integration and alignment of distributor shipments and complementary datasets coupled with best-in-class analytics and proprietary tools, enables IMS to create opportunities that lead to a competitive advantage for its clients. IMS has developed lasting partnerships with leaders across the tobacco, confectionary, beverages and other consumable goods industries to support mission-critical business processes ranging from efficient management of trade funds to the remediation of retail out-of-stocks.

The Information Technology Systems & Services (ITSS) Division of MSA plays a unique and pivotal role in the company from both internal and external perspectives. In addition to managing internal IT functions and data hosting, ITSS provides similar services to outside clients as well as Hosting, Network and Disaster Recovery services. ITSS manages these services from the MSA headquarters in Pittsburgh, a 42,000-square-foot facility in Tarentum, Pa., and a newly renovated 65,000-square-foot state-of-the-art location in Ross Township.

MSA’s Media Division, whether through scheduling software, analytic solutions, or industry reporting services, has proven to have a prominent and lasting presence in the broadcast and cable media industries for the past 30 years. MSA’s Post-Buy service is the standard for advertising agencies, advertisers, and cable networks to determine delivery and liability. Gabriel, MSA Media’s Ad Sales, Traffic and Billing software, is the market leader and responsible for managing nearly half of all cable network advertising dollars. @media™ manages the electronic transfer of transactions between media industry trading partners.

Through the use of business analytics, MSA is creating solutions to help clients make revenue-impacting decisions regarding program schedules, inventory allocation, inventory pricing, and nonlinear demand forecasting.

Through its Life Sciences Division, MSA has become a leader in the processing and analysis of medical claims, clinical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory data. MSA has created developmental partnerships with industry leaders that directly result in safer and more effective patient care.

Perhaps no division of MSA more completely embodies the company’s long-standing commitment to expert data management and analysis than its Business Analysis (BA) Division. From the days of manually-recorded diary data, to the evolution of store-level scanner data, to modern loyalty programs and social/digital media data, the BA Division has provided high quality and intensely focused consumer data, data analysis, and forecasting tools to a number of industries.

Some of MSA’s earliest projects were conducted for steel and other heavy-industry clients. The Metals and Advanced Manufacturing Division continues that history by providing innovative business intelligence, optimization, and process control products and services to leaders in the raw materials and manufacturing arenas. The focus of MSA’s services in this arena is to determine and reduce costs and to better allocate scarce resources for its clients.

Diversity and self-sustainability have remained priorities of MSA throughout its history and have proven to be cornerstones, along with its basic internal R&D, that have allowed the company to consistently meet the needs of an ever-changing business landscape. MSA’s commitment to innovative business development has spawned numerous new divisions and companies, and various industry projects, including tools for law enforcement and casino gaming industries.

Over the past half-century, MSA has continually proven that it is dedicated to the principles that have always led to success. Keeping its finger on the pulse of the market and maintaining an honest commitment to research, MSA has remained steadfastly committed to the evolution and growth of its business activities and employees. They have exhibited the unwavering and intrinsic passion for innovation that will enable MSA to remain a living, breathing model of innovation for another 50 years.



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