5-hour ENERGY Donation Exceeds Expectations

Popularity of Pink Lemonade flavor generates $387,531.20 philanthropic donation to the Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade.

Due to the popularity of Pink Lemonade flavor 5-hour ENERGY and the support of 5-hour ENERGY fans, Living Essentials LLC has been able to donate $387,531.20 to the Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade to fund breast cancer research and access to quality health care.

“This was the first time our company was involved in a program like this, so we didn’t know what to expect,” said Scott Henderson, president of Living Essentials. “The response was overwhelming. We challenged 5-hour ENERGY fans to make us write a big check, and they really came through.”

In October 2012, Pink Lemonade flavor 5-hour ENERGY was released. Between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2012, five cents of every bottle of Pink Lemonade 5-hour ENERGY sold was donated to the Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade.

Unsure of how the new flavor would be received or how consumers would respond to the program, Living Essentials committed to a minimum donation of $75,000, but hoped that donation would grow. An advertising campaign got the word out across national TV, radio and Internet. Response to the new flavor and its tie-in to a great cause generated such great demand for Pink Lemonade 5-hour ENERGY that two additional production runs had to be ordered.

“I was never happier to order production runs or sign a check,” said Henderson. “5-hour ENERGY fans made this possible. Our fans really define the word ‘partnership.’ Together we did much more than our company could have done alone.”

The Pink Lemonade flavor is becoming a regular part of the 5-hour ENERGY product line in 2013. The company is exploring another campaign to benefit breast cancer research in 2013.




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