MomPopolies, Glocalism Are Key Trends in 2013

Marketers who aren’t getting ahead of the curve on fast-moving but under-the-radar developments like these might be preparing for the wrong challenges in the year ahead, Colloquy warns.

Every savvy loyalty marketer has mobile marketing, social media and the fiscal cliff on the 2013 radar screen. But, according to a just-released COLLOQUY report, many are losing sight of the more powerful trends, such as the rise of MomPopolies and Glocalism, which could change the future of marketing.

COLLOQUY, the global research arm of LoyaltyOne, released “Under the Radar: Ten Trends Loyalty Marketers Might Not See Coming in 2013.” This outlook, authored by COLLOQUY Editorial Director Carlos Dunlap, alerts senior executives to marketplace dynamics that will enable them to better engage customers and influence behavior in 2013.

“While business leaders strategize on how to manage location-based marketing, word of mouth and other well-known issues—and simultaneously trying to connect with customers who are rapidly losing interest—they may be missing 10 industry-changing trends that are emerging,” Dunlap said.

MomPopolies are the mom and pop establishments that have as much engagement power as their national rivals, but with local panache. “Social media has been a great equalizer for many small brands, which have used Facebook and other platforms as soapboxes from which their loyal customers can sing their praises,” the report noted.

When regional businesses are altered by far away events, that’s Glocalism. It’s the butterfly effect on fiber optic wings.

Under the Radar groups Dunlap’s insights on the fast-emerging marketplace developments into three categories: trends that influence relevance; trends that affect customer engagement; and the economy’s effect on creating value.

Some other individual trends explored in the report include the data scientist shortage, the data marketing regulation rebound, economic fear and control, and health equals wealth. “Companies are already nudging and rewarding employees to live healthier in many ways,” the report noted. “This creates opportunities to partner with retailers and brands and support healthy behaviors with related rewards for the whole family. Initiatives can, for example, offer the customer access to a free tai chi class or a coupon for calcium supplements.”

In addition to identifying stealth trends, Dunlap tells marketers in Under the Radar how to capitalize on each event in order to engage customers, influence behavior and boost performance over corporate rivals.

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