Quick Chek Hires Better With JobApp

Finds store managers at its 130 stores, saving hours per week and hiring better candidates with  talent management solution.

Named among New Jersey’s Best Places to Work in each of the past three years, 130-store retailer Quick Chek puts a top value on its more than 3,000 team members. So when the Quick Chek looked for a talent management solution, it had to reflect its mission of Total Customer Dedication, always delivering what the customer wants.

JobApp Network, a talent management solution built for large, decentralized workforces, fit the order.

Quick Chek is growing—that means constant hiring. Bob Graczyk, vice president of human resources noted that unlike other talent management solutions, store leaders quickly get acclimated to JobApp. “We found it intuitive. We figured our store leaders would need much more training in order to become effective with the system. But we found out they could use JobApp right away, and they loved it,” he said.

JobApp’s five-star ranking of applicants is a hit with store leaders, said Graczyk. “They like that they can screen and interview applicants who are five-stars, even though we didn’t tell them they couldn’t interview one-stars.”

Headquarters found its biggest benefit in going paperless with the new hire process and being able to seamlessly integrate JobApp to their internal payroll and HRIS platform. “Before, we had this missing paperwork list. Now, with JobApp, as soon as someone gets hired, they’re in our system with no typing or rekeying of data, and there’s consistent execution of our new hire packet. We’re able to require certain very specific information from new hires.”

With the elimination of paper applications, practically all new hire paperwork electronic and automatic payroll upload, store managers at JobApp clients save hours per week. Corporate headquarters has reassurance that the hiring process is executed in a consistent and compliant fashion in the field, removing most of the potential for human error, said Ken Lang, vice president of sales and marketing. “We configured JobApp with a very specific applicant and new hire workflow, determining what key new hire data needs to be sent to a client’s third party system; i.e., employee handbook signed, W4, I-9, custom forms—as one file. Applicants and managers complete tasks, and headquarters can see it all.”

“JobApp works in a high-volume front-end retail environment,” agreed Graczyk. “Administratively, we appreciate the integration with the background checks, assessments and onboarding. We saved 50% of our time by not chasing paper any more. We can track everything online if we need to go back. JobApp’s made it really easy for us.”




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