Daily’s And Twice Daily Stores Select Eby-Brown

“We needed to partner with a best-in-class distributor,” says Tri Star Energy CEO.

Tri Star Energy LLC has signed an agreement with Eby-Brown Co., which will provide distribution services to their Daily’s and Twice Daily Convenience Stores.   Eby-Brown will begin servicing the Nashville-based chain beginning in early January.

Steve Hostetter, CEO/COO of Tri Star Energy shared how, with their new store concept, Daily’s stores are being rebranded into Twice Daily, with day-part offerings that encourage customers to visit the stores multiple times throughout the day.  “We are very serious about being a meal-replacement destination stop to the point of bringing aboard a local chef trained at the Le Cordon Bleu School in London,” stated Hostetter.  “Along with our fresh bakery and produce, our Chef has developed fresh made hot and cold sandwiches.  In order to support these and all of our critical initiatives, we needed to partner with a best-in-class distributor.  We determined that Eby-Brown was that distributor,” added Hostetter.

“We look forward to our new partnership and to providing both Daily’s and Twice Daily stores with service that is second to none in the industry,” said Tom Wake, co-president of Eby-Brown. “We are especially excited to see that the innovation that Tri Star Energy applies to its stores aligns perfectly with the innovation we incorporate into our business as a wholesale distributor.”

Daily’s and Twice Daily Convenience Stores have always been locally owned and operated by Tri Star Energy, which is a partnership created between Kimbro Oil and The Parman Corp.  These two family-owned businesses both started out in Tennessee and continue to serve middle Tennessee and Kentucky with 79 store locations.



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