VP Racing Fuels Positioned To Help C-Stores Through Shortage

Delaware office has VP small engine fuel ready to ship.

As hard as the gasoline shortage is on motorists in the Northeast, it’s equally problematic for those using outdoor power equipment in storm recovery efforts.

With thousands of generators and chain saws already running virtually 24/7 and another storm looming, VP Racing Fuels Inc. is offering a solution to help relieve the fuel shortage.

Since the storm hit, VP’s distribution center in Newark, Delaware, on the outskirts of Philadelphia, has been busy shipping quarts and five-gallon pails of VP Small Engine Fuel to dealers and consumers in the New Jersey and New York City/Long Island area. But according to Jim Kelly, VP’s eastern regional manager, VP has a large stockpile still available, and the containers can be palletized for delivery to c-stores to relieve some of the demand for their pump gas by consumers needing fuel for their outdoor power equipment.

Specifically designed for two-cycle and four-cycle equipment, “the primary purpose of ethanol-free VP Small Engine Fuel is to prevent the fuel system damage caused by street gas containing ethanol,” said Kelly. “But its packaging, in particular the five-gallon pails, make it easy to transport in emergency situations and easy for crews to carry into the field to ensure their gas-powered work can continue uninterrupted. Cases of the quart-size containers can even be shipped via UPS with a limited quantity ORM-D marking.”

In anticipation of future emergency situations, Kelly suggests that convenience store operators consider the “Fuel Cage” program VP offers. Similar to a metal propane tank cage, VP’s Fuel Cage enables storage and retail sale of five-gallon pails of VP Small Engine Fuel. “In normal times, the five-gallon pails appeal to high volume fuel customers such as lawn care and tree service companies, but in emergencies like Hurricane Sandy, it can literally help save lives and property,” Kelly said.

VP-SEF is for use in small engines only and is not legal for use in motor vehicles.





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