The Logical Choice for E-Cigarettes

LOGIC Technologies is pushing the limits of electronic tobacco with new varieties and patented technology.

LOGIC Technologies is a clear leader in disposable electronic cigarettes. It’s a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. LOGIC offers an alternative to smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars or pipes. LOGIC products look, feel and taste like a traditional cigarette without any of the burning, ash, smell, secondhand smoke, tar or tobacco.

“Overwhelming customer feedback has enabled LOGIC to state with confidence that once smokers try LOGIC, they will not return to former methods of smoking—or to other brands of e-cigarettes,” said Eli Alelov, president, CEO and founder of LOGIC Technology Development LLC.

While there are many e-cigarette brands on the market today, what’s so special about one e-cigarette that smokers of 30-years become instant converts? Longtime smokers are well aware of the health implications of traditional cigarettes. Though they enjoy the ritual of smoking and crave the nicotine, until now they haven’t been able to find any truly satisfying, lasting substitute.

LOGIC’s e-cigarette varieties include Menthol and Rich Tobacco, each in four varying strengths to meet the different preferences of its customer base.

“Of e-cigarette brands in the marketplace, LOGIC is the only premium electronic cigarette,” Alelov said. “Unlike the many ‘me too’ brands, only LOGIC best fills all of the buckets that cigarette smokers need to assuage the desire.”

LOGIC’s distinctive product line offers:
• The richest tobacco flavor in the market, from oils that are distilled three times for the industry’s highest purity;
• The thickest white, odorless vapor cloud in market;
• A 40-50% stronger battery than industry standards for one-piece electronic cigarettes;
• One of the freshest products in the market, achieved via airtight sealed juice cartridges;
• The richest tasting product in the market due to fresh arrivals, flown in daily (versus other e-cigarette competitors who sporadically boat ship, taking up to four months to reach retailers) and;
• A 2.5-second draw ensuring 400 thick water vapor puffs. Some other e-cigarette brands on the market only offer a one-second draw for the same number of puffs.

“In addition, LOGIC is one of the few companies to list ingredients on the packaging,” Alelov said. “And, they do not make a variety of flavors. This means, intentionally, that LOGIC refuses to create a product that in any way appeals to minors.”

Satisfied Retailers
Chris Colon, category manager for The Pantry Inc. in Sanford, N.C., said the 1,600-store chain carries LOGIC’s full line of e-cig products at its Kangaroo convenience stores. The company isn’t targeting one specific group, but rather smokers across all adult demographics with a quality e-cigarette offering.

“We accommodate a full spectrum of guests, from those who just want to use nicotine in places where smoking traditional cigarettes is prohibited, to those who want to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and, by their own accord, feel that e-cigs are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes,” Colon said.
Customers are responding to the category. “The e-cig industry has seen tremendous growth over the past year and we feel the category has a material and permanent future,” Colon said.

The proof is in the numbers. Though it is hard to determine the number of e-cig users in the U.S., the National Vapers Club estimated that about a million people used e-cigs last year, so it certainly is a growing segment, and the product offers c-stores an excellent alternative to cigarettes with lower taxes and much higher margins.

“In 2010 there were 750,000 units sold and that jumped to 2.5 million sold in 2011, and the market is expected to quadruple by end of 2013 to early to mid of 2014,” said Thomas Kiklas, co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association.

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