Little Ferry 7-Eleven Aids Storm Victims

Little Ferry, N.J. convenience store meets customer needs despite power outage.

In Hurricane Sandy’s wake, the 7-Eleven on Main and Liberty Streets in Little Ferry, N.J. found itself unexpectedly open to storm-battered shoppers on Tuesday, despite a lack of power, the Star-Ledger reported.

Initially, the store planned to open its doors just long enough for the owner to donate perishables like milk to police, who were taking the items to local shelters. But once the doors were open people came streaming in—looking for everything from batteries to a bathroom—and there was no turning back. With most stores in the area boarded up or closed, it was impossible to turn customers away.

Cashier Vishal Panchal rang up customers in the dark without a cash register, which was not working due to the lack of electricity. With the cash register and credit card processing down, a “cash only” sign greeted customers. Those taking a break from the clean up process came looking for snacks, cigarettes and necessities. Without electricity, the store planned to keep its doors open as long as daylight hours allowed.

Many local residents or those staying at nearby shelters heard the store was open and arrived in groups to purchase a range of goods to hold them over.






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