Maximize The Morning Daypart

Lettieri’s has just introduced two new flavors to its growing line of Stuffed Breadstix, ideal for a morning roller grill menu.  They are a Sausage & Maple and Sausage, Maple & Blueberry Stuffed Breadstix.  The Sausage & Maple combines country-style breakfast sausage crumbles with a sweet maple flavored filling.  The Sausage, Maple & Blueberry possesses the same filling while including dough that’s generously sprinkled with blueberry flakes. Each six-inch stuffed breadstick is made from quality ingredients filled end to end, ensuring a taste-pleasing experience from the first to last bite.  Their six-inch size also means you have the opportunity to maximize your roller grill space while at the same time maximizing profit potential.  Since each breadstick is par baked, they can be finished off on the roller grill in 25 minutes.  Once on the grill, they will hold on that same grill for up to three hours. Suggested retail price 99 cents to $1.29.

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