Team Oil Celebrates 10 Years Of Evolution

What started as a two-man operation has grown into a successful business venture with a team of 35 employees.  

After 10 years of construction, updates and additions—starting with the opening of the 40-foot Team Oil Travel Center’s Liquor Store on Sept. 20, 2002—Eric and Tony Huppert are looking back at the changes they have made. 

What started out with an idea of a father/son corporation has evolved into a 300- foot Travel Center.  The original two-man operation has grown to a 35-person employment opportunity for the Spring Valley, Wis. area.

The Hupperts noted that the concept of intermingling culvert sales, car wash, sign company, billboards, convenience store, Subway, gas, diesel, RV park and a Westconsin Credit Union all in one center was considered “not normal,” by professionals and consultants.

The only question the father/son team asks now is, “What next?”

The Hupperts share their story in photos below. Watch the red arrow for how the property has changed through the years.




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