Royal Buying Group Announces New Executive Leadership Team

A two-person team is set to fill the role of former president and CEO Michael Zielinski.  

Royal Buying Group Inc. (RBG) has appointed Angela Angelilli and Sharon Porter as the new Executive Leadership Team. 

Angelilli, executive vice president of sales, and Porter, executive vice president of business development, will fill the role of former president and CEO Michael Zielinski. Their expanded roles will embark on leading increased strategic business partnerships by adding value through revenue generating opportunities for convenience retailing suppliers, distributors and retailers.

Supporting this initiative with expanded roles are Donna Joritz, director of operations and Joan Scullion, director of finance.  RBG provides corporate office representation, serving the convenience store industry’s over 93,000 independently operation locations.  This new executive leadership team is excited and committed to continuing to develop industry relationships, grow the portfolio of services provided, advance manufacturer/distributor/retailer execution, and provide better support without leaving behind the services and performance that the industry has come to rely on.








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