RaceTrac Debuts New Large-Format C-Store

Features such as free wifi and extra seating are meant to encourage shoppers to stay and visit, instead of just passing through.

RaceTrac debuted its new Georgia c-store on U.S. 78, just south of Route 316. The new store stands 6,191 square feet, larger than the existing RaceTracs in the market, the Oconee Enterprise Online reported.

RaceTrac President Max Lenker told the Oconee Enterprise Online that RaceTrac worked on the project for “six to eight years.” The company purchased the land for $1.5 million, and the new site cost about $1.1 million to construct.

The new store looks to invite consumers to stay a while and visit—like old country stores from yesteryear. To help encourage guests to hang around, RaceTrac added more seating, digital screens, free wi-fi and in-store music. Other c-store features include a coffee bar, 12 fresh-brewed teas, 24 frozen beverage flavors, 10-flavors of frozen yogurt with more than 40 toppings of choice and a walk-in beer cooler.

“We have been looking to make our stores more friendly to our guests,” said Lenker. “We have worked hard on the interior. We have always had a great gas design. But we have improved our food offers and the quality of everything in the store. Guests have a reason other than gasoline to come and see us.”

“All of our stores going forward will be this format,” Lenker added. “We are looking at our old stores to see how we can remodel them to be similar. Lots of times we are constrained by real estate or parking.”

RaceTrac has 500 gas-convenience stores located across the southeast.




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