Savvy Shoppers Pay Less To Fill-Up At Shell

As consumers look for more value, the new Fuel Rewards Network program offers ways to save big on fuel.

Loyalty rewards programs have evolved over the years and so have consumers’ expectations to get value through their everyday purchases, including those purchases made online. According to a national survey sponsored by Shell, nine out of 10 consumers would like to earn rewards from their online shopping yet only about one-third of respondents are currently earning rewards for their online activities.

Thanks to the new Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) program, consumers can now earn rewards on everyday purchases including through online shopping, which can be redeemed for savings on high quality fuel at participating Shell stations. The FRN program, owned and operated by Excentus, offers multiple ways to earn rewards on simple everyday purchases like food, clothing and household goods. 

The FRN program is unique because it’s a multi-dimensional program that enables shoppers to combine or stack multiple rewards offers—or cents per gallon savings—together for potentially huge savings instantly at the pump. Customers can take as much as $1, $2, $3 or more off per gallon on their next fuel purchase.

“While the average savings is around 32 cents per gallon, we’ve seen some savvy shoppers pay just one penny per gallon by redeeming Fuel Rewards savings at participating Shell stations,” said Dan Little, Shell North American Fuels marketing manager. “And, the savings can be redeemed on all grades of Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines, including Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline, and Shell Diesel at participating stations —up to 20 gallons per purchase, per vehicle.”

With the FRN program, shoppers can earn cents per gallon savings through the following based upon market availability:

   • Online Mall—Access nearly 700 brand name online merchants offering at least five cents per gallon for every $50 spent. Some merchants offer 2x, 5x, 10x rewards or more—so shoppers can multiply their savings.

  •  Dining—Earn 10 cents per gallon for every $50 spent when dining at more than 10,000 participating restaurant locations nationwide.

   • Shell Fuel Rewards—Purchase specially marked products inside the convenience store as well as car washes and auto services at participating Shell stations and earn Fuel Rewards savings.

  •  eCoupons—Digital coupons available in select markets for select retailers provide additional cents per gallon savings when the digital coupon is selected at and the item is subsequently purchased at a participating retailer.

   • Grocery & Other Programs— Shoppers can buy the everyday things they need and earn Fuel Rewards savings from participating FRN grocery stores and retailers. Link the participating grocer or other retailer loyalty card to an FRN Account to combine rewards for even more savings at the pump at Shell in select markets.

Consumers will need a free Fuel Rewards Network Card, which they can pick up at participating Shell stations or request one online at, or a participating grocery loyalty card to take part in the program. Program availability and ways to save vary by location.

Consumers can learn more about the FRN program and watch their fuel savings add up from online shopping through the Online Mall program by visiting For more information visit the Fuel Rewards Network program page at or Shell on the ‘On the Road’ tab on Facebook at




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