Holiday Stationstores And Cub Foods Launch Rewards

Two Minnesota companies team up with launch My Cub Rewards Program beginning Sept. 30.

Cub Foods and Holiday Cos.—both based in Minnesota, are joining forces to deliver big fuel savings and increased value on everyday grocery purchases to consumers through the launch of the My Cub Rewards Program.

Cub Foods consumers who use the new My Cub Rewards card when shopping will now be able to earn fuel savings, redeemable at more than 220 Holiday Stationstores throughout Minnesota.

Consumers can sign up and track their rewards beginning this Sunday, Sept. 30 at all Cub Foods stores in Minnesota or online at

The program makes saving easy for consumers, who can earn savings on fuel every time they shop at Cub Foods with a simple swipe of the new My Cub Rewards card. For every $50 accumulated in qualified purchases at Cub Foods, consumers can earn a savings of five cents per gallon. The savings can be then be used up to $1.50 per gallon, valid for up to 20 gallons of fuel, in a single transaction at Holiday.

“Cub Foods is thrilled to partner with Holiday, another strong Minnesota company, to provide our customers with cheaper fuel and increased value on their everyday grocery shopping,” said Brian Audette, president, Cub Foods. “We want to make saving easy and the My Cub Rewards program accomplishes exactly that. We hope consumers in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota will sign up for the My Cub Rewards Card to start taking advantage of these rewards.”

“We are delighted that Minnesota’s two hometown market leaders have joined to offer this exceptional program to our customers,” said Holiday Stationstores President and Chief Operating Officer Brent Blackey. “Thousands of consumers have enjoyed the Cub/Holiday gas discount program for years and we now can offer greater rewards and greater convenience.” Blackey added, “Cub and Holiday customers will love the fast accumulation of rewards and the convenience of redeeming them right at the gas pump.”

Fuel savings earned through the My Cub Rewards program will accumulate so the more consumers spend at Cub Foods, the more they can save on fuel. For example, if consumers spend $100, they will earn a savings of 10 cents per gallon, if consumers spend $250, they will earn a savings of 25 cents per gallon, etc. Qualifying purchases are automatically tracked and each time the $50 threshold is met, another five cents per gallon savings on fuel is earned. Fuel savings expire 30 days after they are issued.

Holiday Companies and Cub Foods have teamed up to deliver fuel savings in the past through a per-transaction, coupon-based program. My Cub Rewards now allows customers to accumulate savings and redeem them at the pump, while eliminating the need to carry multiple paper coupons. Customers who sign up for the new My Cub Rewards can bring in non-expired Cub paper fuel coupons, and apply those savings to their new card.

Cub Foods customers will be able to conveniently sign up in-store with help from the Cub team at electronic sign-up stations from Sept. 30 through Oct. 13. Additionally, customers will be able to sign up online or via a stores’ customer service desk at any time.

Cub Foods operates 67 stores in Minnesota and Illinois. Holiday Stationstores operates 468 c-stores located throughout 10 states in the northern tier region of the U.S.



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