7-Eleven Fights Crime in Dallas

7-Eleven donates to Safer Dallas Better Dallas, and announces a $40 million in-store, crime-fighting initiative in all of its U.S. stores.

Dallas-based 7-Eleven Inc. has presented a $300,000 gift to Safer Dallas Better Dallas to fight crime in the Ross-Bennett and Five Points (Vickery Meadows) areas of Dallas.

The donation is the first in Safer Dallas’ effort to raise $3 million to equip the Dallas Police Department with the necessary tools to attack crime in the 27 Targeted Area Action Grid, or TAAG areas (formerly known as “Hot Spots”) identified by Chief David Brown throughout Dallas. These areas that have been identified represent approximately 6% of the city and have about 36% of the total crime in Dallas.

In addition, 7-Eleven announced a $40 million in-store, crime-fighting initiative, where the company is installing security cameras and digital recorders in all of its U.S. stores, which will allow 7-Eleven, its franchisees and local law enforcement agencies to remotely view security footage in 7-Eleven’s stores.

“Public safety is a top priority at 7-Eleven,” said Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven president and CEO. “We can make the community safer as we enhance the quality of life in the neighborhoods where our guests, franchisees and employees live and work. We are investing $40 million nationwide in public safety to make our stores and neighborhoods safer. Law enforcement has long cited the importance of security cameras in deterring wrongdoing. These enhanced surveillance-camera systems in our U.S. stores represent another step we are taking to increase the security of customers and employees.”

“Public safety for the entire community is my number one concern, and I welcome partners who work alongside us on this,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. “7-Eleven is a partner in this by investing in the Dallas Police Department and we expect a great return on that investment. By installing security cameras in-stores, 7-Eleven is helping Dallas Police again because statistics prove that cameras deter crime. Plus, precious time will be saved if police can review that footage remotely– that is key in fighting crime.

He challenged other businesses in the community to step up and join 7-Eleven in helping Safer Dallas reach their goal of raising $3 million by the end of 2013. “Help supply Chief Brown, and the fine men and women of the Dallas Police Department, with the tools they need to fight crime,” he said.

7-Eleven’s donation to Safer Dallas will be used to purchase three wheeled neighborhood patrol vehicles (T3s), neighborhood security cameras, bait cars, fixed/mobile license plate readers and installation of cameras. The Dallas Police Department will use this technology and deploy it strategically in the TAAG areas.

“I fully support 7-Eleven’s recent safety initiatives, including the company’s plan to equip each of its U.S. stores with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, in an effort to increase employee and customer safety and security,” said Dallas Police Chief David Brown. “Not only is 7-Eleven installing security cameras that will aid police officers should wrongdoing occur, but it is also replacing stand-alone VCR video systems with high-definition DVR systems that will give officers access to state-of-the-art technology to help fight crime. I applaud 7-Eleven in its efforts to make its stores and the community it serves a safer place.”

“We are so thankful to 7-Eleven for being our first corporate partner in our goal of raising $3 million to help fight crime in the 27 TAAG areas in Dallas,” said Gary Griffith, president of Safer Dallas Better Dallas. “Fighting crime is increasingly dependent on the use of updated technology. Our goal is to raise enough money to implement this same type of program in three TAAG areas this year, and in 2013 we hope to raise the rest of the money we need. The city will supplement what we raise so we hope to have $6 million to fully fund this program by the end of 2013.”

Earlier this year, 7-Eleven donated four new T3’s to the Dallas Police Department, doubling the fleet of T3 electric standup vehicles (ESV) to help increase safety and reduce crime in Downtown Dallas.

Earlier this year, 7-Eleven donated four new T3’s to the Dallas Police Department, doubling the fleet of T3 electric standup vehicles (ESV) to help increase safety and reduce crime in Downtown Dallas.

To make a donation to Safer Dallas Better Dallas, contact Cyndi Reynolds at 214-793-7842.



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