Profit With Ice Vending

Bag of Ice LLC is targeting vending operators with a versatile line of machines designed to make it simple to profit from selling ice. The compact venders come in four models— the smallest measuring 34-inches wide x 52-inches deep x 112-inches high—that produce quantities of ice equal to much larger machines. This opens more doors for placement in high-traffic sites like retail storefronts, where floor space is at a premium and ice vending is typically most successful. The machines offer a selection of 10, 16 or 20-pounds of ice, which can be dispensed into a bag supplied by the machine that the customer hangs on the ice chute or into his or her own cooler. Vend prices range from $1 to $3, $1.25 to $4 and $1.75 to $6, respectively. The average cost of producing a 10-lb. bag of ice is 25¢, including bag and utilities.

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