E-Z Shops Join Relaxation Revolution

Koma Unwind expands in beverage cases across South Carolina.

E-Z Shop Convenience Stores are set to carry Koma Unwind products in their 28 stores throughout eastern South Carolina. The rollout follows the introduction of Koma Unwind at a major retailer in South Carolina that began in August.

“It is amazing how many new store chains and distributors are coming out of the woodwork following our announcement on June 28, 2012. We have gained a huge amount of credibility in the beverage market in the last few weeks. Now, our European expansion is well underway and we expect that the sky is the limit. After all, in today’s busy world, people everywhere need to relax and unwind as well as get a better night’s sleep. It won’t be long now before liquid relaxation products are everywhere; and, we are a market leader,” said Brian Weber, CEO of Bebida Beverage Co., developer and manufacturer of Koma Unwind.




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