Sunflower Seeds

THANASI Foods LLC, a developer and supplier of branded snack foods, has  introduced BIGS Sunflower Seeds to the Canadian market. BIGS Sunflower Seeds, which launched in the U.S. in March 2009, features fire roasted, jumbo-size sunflower seeds and an award winning line-up made with North America’s favorite co-branded flavors: BIGS FRANK’S REDHOT Buffalo Wing, BIGS Hidden Valley Ranch, BIGS Salted & Roasted Original, BIGS Vlasic  Dill Pickle and BIGS Bacon Salt Sizzlin’ Bacon.

The BIGS Sunflower Seeds line will be a key addition to Canadian convenience store offerings and retailers looking to bring innovation and excitement to the sunflower seed category. The 140-gram, re-sealable bags, offered at a consumer-friendly $1.99 suggested retail price, feature a nitrogen flush and a superior packaging barrier that keep BIGS Sunflower Seeds exceptionally fresh and crisp throughout the entire product shelf life.

BIGS Sunflower Seeds are offered in a variety of retail merchandisers including clip strips, power wings and shipper displays. Marketing support will include retail promotions, sports marketing partnerships, baseball team sponsorship, social media activity, product sampling as well as traditional advertising and media. 

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