Claims Roll In On Off-Spec Gas

BP works to help customers collect on fuel quality guarantee.

BP has posted an interactive retail site list at for consumers who suspect they purchased off-specification gasoline in Indiana, Chicagoland and the Milwaukee area during the past two weeks.

All gasoline now shipped from the BP Whiting Refinery and its network of storage terminals has been tested, meets BP’s rigorous quality standards and is authorized for sale. Calls into BP’s dedicated claims center are trending lower than last week.

Of the 8,600 claims currently being processed, 64% are from Indiana residents. Illinois residents have filed 28% of the claims, and Wisconsin residents have filed 5% of the claims.  An additional 3% of claimants are believed to have traveled through the three-state region when the off-specification fuel was in circulation.

The company has also started a print and radio advertising campaign in an effort to reach as many potentially impacted consumers as possible.

BP has begun paying claims and expects payments to accelerate throughout the week as claimant receipts begin arriving by mail. To speed up the payment process, BP is accepting sales receipts, credit/debit card records and repair bills electronically. The company now has 159 call center operators and 140 claims adjusters in place to serve consumers.

Any consumer who purchased off-specification fuel and needs to file a claim should call 1-800-599-9040 to promptly speak with a claims representative. Consumers can also access information and submit an online inquiry at



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