CITGO and Citi Launch New CITGO Rewards

Consumers earn five cents per gallon with proprietary credit card.

CITGO Petroleum Corp. and Citi Retail Services are launching a new private-label consumer credit card that allows CITGO customers to earn five cents-per-gallon credits for fuel purchases at all CITGO locations.

Launching Sept. 1, the new CITGO Rewards Card program is one of the most robust rewards offerings in the industry.

“Because we are always looking for ways to help our Marketers and Retailers succeed, we removed the burden of card processing fees and designed an offer that encourages repeat visits by consumers,” said Alan Flagg, general manager of light oils marketing for CITGO. “The icing on the cake is that our loyal customers can now save on every fuel purchase they make with the card at their local CITGO.”

The CITGO Rewards Card will give customers a long-term savings opportunity with no minimum or maximum purchases required. Rewards are only applied to fuel purchases, and rebates will appear on the credit card statements.

“Citi Retail Services and CITGO developed the CITGO Rewards Card with input from CITGO Marketers to offer consumers one of the best and most convenient rewards program for making fuel purchases,” said Leslie McNamara, executive vice president, Partnership Management Citi. “We anticipate that CITGO Marketers and Retailers will see clear benefits from this offering, with no additional administrative or transaction fees.”

 Starting Sept.1, customers can apply for and get more information about the CITGO Rewards Card at

To promote the rewards program, CITGO and Citibank will launch a multi-platform communications effort for Marketers and Retailers that includes targeted media and point of purchase advertising for CITGO retail locations. Marketers may also utilize advertising materials and customize them for individual media buys.






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