Customers ‘Krave’ Electronic Tobacco

E-cigarettes offer consumers an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They are also virtually odorless, allowing them to be consumed in locations where traditional smoking is commonly prohibited.

By CSD Staff

Vapor Corp., one of the only publicly traded companies (OTCBB: VPCO) servicing the electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry, maintains its integrity in a fiercely competitive market by offering the best prices possible for top quality products. Its batteries are long lasting, as well as backed by a lifetime guarantee.

“What sets us apart from our competition is diversity and quality of product, customer service and professionalism, and our ability to create a unique program for a vendor”, said Adam Frija, director of business development with Vapor Corp. “We are also a leader in design and development, as our research and development team is constantly striving to improve the design and functionality of our products.”

Vapor’s products are broken down into two categories—rechargeable and disposable — with leading brands Krave®, Fifty-One®, Green Puffer® and VaporX. Rechargeable e-cigarettes are available in various starter kits to satisfy any user’s budget, with pre-filled cartridges and additional cartridges are available in several different flavors, as well as various nicotine strength levels.

Vapor has also introduced Krave1001, a complete retail rack ready, rechargeable e-cigarette program for its vendors. Simple to use and simple to sell, Krave1001 is the favorite among e-cigarette users for its taste and design.

Krave1001 is available in four varying nicotine levels and in tobacco and menthol flavors, along with starter kits and charger accessories. “It’s priced right, with maximum profitability for the retailer and maximum value for the consumer, which keeps them coming back for more,” Frija said.

Vapor’s disposable line of e-cigarettes is available in several brands and styles categorized by puff count—the average number of puffs the user may enjoy before disposal. Vapor’s disposables include 200/300/500 ‘puff’ counts, a diverse collection of enjoyable flavors, and even fun and stylish designs.

Building Store Sales

Retailers can effectively market electronic cigarettes with door clings with the Vapor logo. Visible displays and signage are also keys to driving sales, along with promotions. Vapor offers all its retail customers promotional marketing items for use in any and all of their locations. Signs and window clings, product display units with promotional videos, and eye catching designs help Vapor’s products stand out next to similar products.

Vapor Corp.’s support for retailers has earned the industry’s attention, said Rudi Rudolph, director of Novelty Express, a division of M. R. Williams Inc. The distributor works with convenience store chains in eight states and carries about 22 of Vapor’s SKUs.

“We partnered very early on with Vapor Corp. to be proactive with e-cigarettes and they have continually been responsive and diligent when it comes to meeting the needs of convenience store operators,” Rudolph said. “Because of the quality of their products, Vapor Corp. is gaining more and more traction in the industry. They have good packaging, a dynamic marketing plan, outstanding point-of-sale (POS) displays and people that know the convenience store industry. It’s a complete package.”

In June 2012, Vapor Corp. announced that it filed a non-provisional patent for a “Padded Cartridge for an Electronic Cigarette Apparatus.”  The company’s Soft Padded Electronic Cigarette Cartridge is a soft tip filter with the same tactile feel of a traditional cigarette filter.

“We constantly strive to enhance the experience and comfort for those who use and enjoy our products,” said Kevin Frija, CEO of Vapor Corp. “The comfort of the new soft tip filter will offer our customers the most realistic and similar experience akin to the filters of traditional cigarettes. We are truly excited to offer this unique remarkable advancement to our customers, and we plan to launch electronic cigarettes with these soft tip filters by year end to our online customers, and then roll out the product offerings brand by brand and company-wide in 2013.”



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