Propel Fuels Participates In CO2 Reduction Effort

“The early success of Propel’s CarbonOffset program is strong evidence that consumers are ready and willing to support clean energy, especially if the cost and benefits are clear,” says Eric Carlson, president of

Propel Fuels, a leading retailer of renewable fuels, is now the first company to let consumers offset their driving emissions at the pump any time they fill their tanks.

Propel’s flagship Clean Mobility Center in Fullerton, Calif., offers customers the option to offset their carbon emissions by funding clean air projects through the Foundation. 

Propel launched CarbonOffset in May, and since then, customers have chosen to contribute $1 per fill to fully offset the emissions from their purchase more than 1,000 times. The two-month pilot program has offset more than 160,000 pounds of carbon dioxide at the one station alone.

“It’s encouraging that even during a period of high fuel prices, consumers are choosing to pay a little extra to offset their emissions, one tankful at a time to help make progress toward our nation’s clean energy goals,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Propel. 

Drivers and fleets can also report CO2 emission reductions as a result of their participation in the CarbonOffset program through Propel’s proprietary CleanDrive program. Customers in this program receive reports showing their individual reductions in CO2 emissions, barrels of oil displaced and equivalent annual impact of mature trees. Foundation uses the carbon offset contributions to fund projects on renewable energy, methane capture, energy efficiency, reforestation and other carbon emissions reduction strategies. 

Current contributions by Propel customers go to help fund the Truck Stop Electrification Project to provide truck drivers in California and other states the opportunity to heating cooling, Internet, TV and other amenities by plugging into electricity instead of idling diesel engines during rest periods.

Propel Fuels is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., and owns a network of green-built filling stations in the U.S. The chain operates close to 30 stores on the Western U.S. coast.


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