Reynolds America Inc. Entering New Tobacco Categories

Reynolds’ is launching an NRT gum made by its Niconovum pharmaceutical subsidiary, among other products.

Reynolds American Inc. is preparing, within the next six months, to delve into several categories, including vapor (likely electronic cigarettes), nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) and nicotine extract products, such as lozenges, Winston-Salem Journal reported.

Reynolds also plans to launch new styles of heated cigarettes similar to Eclipse, which it introduced in 1996 and still sells upon request to wholesalers and retailers.

In limited “lead markets” Reynolds is introducing an electronic cigarette branded Vuse and smokeless pouches and pellets branded Viceroy. Vuse has been described as a “single, ready-to-go digital vapor cigarette with no charging or assembly required.”

Reynolds spokesman David Howard told Winston-Salem Journal that the company “is not in a position to comment on specific brand names or retail locations at this time as things are still a work in progress.”

Daniel Delen, the company’s chief executive and president noted the new smokeless products are the latest step of Reynolds’ evolution into what it is calling “a total tobacco company.”

Reynolds is offering a broader range of products at different price points. Those products include Camel Crush menthol-capsule cigarettes; Camel Snus, a moist snuff product; and dissolvable Camel chew sticks, orbs and film strips for the tongue.

“In line with our long-term strategy to transform the tobacco industry and reduce the harm caused by smoking, our companies have been hard at work on developing a pipeline of new smokeless and other product innovation,” Delen said.

Reynolds’ first publicly acknowledged launch is an NRT gum made by its Niconovum pharmaceutical subsidiary, which represents its first product introduction in the U.S. Reynolds bought Niconovum AB in 2009. Its products previously have been sold in Denmark and Sweden. The gum will be sold in a “lead market” in Des Moines, Iowa, during the third quarter under Niconovum’s Zonnic brand. Delen said it will be priced in line with premium cigarettes at a range of $4.50 to $7 a pack.




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