California C-Stores Promote New, Self-Chilled Beverage Cans

Three c-store locations on the West Coast are hosting events to promote the sale of the new West Coast Chill Pure Energy, a self-chilled beverage that doesn’t require refrigeration.

A Chevron Carwash and Food Mart in Pasadena, Calif., plans to feature the new West Coast Chill Pure Energy packaged in a self-chilling beverage can at a public event on Monday.

The Pasadena, Calif.-based Chevron location is the first of three convenience stores to host an event for the new, self-chilled beverages. Both the Malibu Canyon, Calif.-based Shell and a Calabasas, Calif.-based Mac Chevron are hosting events for the beverage on Aug. 8.

The new West Coast Chill Pure Energy is the world’s first self-chilling beverage can, and the product goes on sale Monday. The product is based on natural ingredients and contains no sugar, no caffeine, is naturally sweetened, naturally flavored and includes vitamins and herbs. Consumers can finally enjoy a cold beverage without the use of ice or refrigeration.

West Coast Chill Pure Energy was licensed by the Joseph Company International. Mitchell Joseph, Joseph Company International CEO, said the new Chill Can beverage could revolutionize the beverage industry and the ways consumers perceive cold drinks. The West Coast Chill is part of a green effort to reduce the West Coast’s carbon footprint.



  1. Kind of pointless to not indicate the addresses of the retailers… isn’t the idea to SELL the product? There are several of those particular gas stations in the cities listed. Utterly ridiculous.

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