Manitowoc Donates To Red Robin Foundation

Manitowoc Foodservice funds victims who were injured in the “The Dark Knight Rises” movie premiere shooting.

Manitowoc Foodservice donated $1,000 to the Red Robin Foundation, and an additional $1,000 to the In Memory of Alex “Sully” Sullivan donation fund. 

The fundraisers support eight of the individuals injured or killed in the “The Dark Knight Rises” movie premiere shooting on July 20 in Aurora, Colo. Donations received from the Red Robin Foundation will be used for the needs of the eight Red Robin team members who were shot in the incident to pay for medical bills or lost wages. 

Manitowoc Foodservice has been a partner to Red Robin for years, and is close to its team across the U.S. Manitowoc Foodservice President Mike Kachmer sent out a company-wide email telling employees how to make individual donations to the shooting victims.

“Through these interactions, we feel a special kindred spirit with all Red Robin team members, and we offer our sympathies and best wishes for those who have been involved in and affected by this tragedy,” Kachmer said.


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