Air Shots Could Be New Trend In C-Stores

A handful of New England c-stores begin to test AeroShot products, which were invented by a Harvard University professor.

Air shots have hit the New England c-store market as AeroDesigns launches its AeroShot product at convenience stores in Northeastern U.S.

AeroDesigns has established distribution partnerships with the New England-area’s leading distributors such as J Polep, Core-Mark, Great State Beverages, Blue Coast Beverages and Pine State Trading Co. The product is available at c-stores including 7-Eleven, Verc, Xtra Mart, Champlain Farms, Tedeschi’s Food Shops, Henny Penny, L.E. Belcher and Alliance Stores.

“We are proud to be working with a world class team of distributors and retail partners throughout New England,” said Tom Hadfield, CEO of AeroDesigns Inc. “We are today launching a major marketing effort in the Northeast, including print advertisements, radio spots, billboards, sampling teams and online promotions.”

International launches of the products are planned for 2013.

The company produced the first air shot called AeroShot Energy, which is an air-based boost of energy with 100 milligrams of caffeine and a mix of B-vitamins that start working right away anytime, any place. The air-based energy comes in three flavors: lime, green apple and raspberry. It delivers energy to consumers who want a shot of caffeine with no calories, no liquids and no “mystery” ingredients, according to a MarketWatch report.

The new product targets the 18 to 30-year-old audience, who tend to consume energy drinks. The product is not available for minors under the age of 18.

Tedeschi’s Food Shop’s Director of Category Management Steve Monoco said several stores are testing the product, which will be rolled out at additional stores in the future. He said he thinks they might make sense for consumers.

“The uniqueness of AeroShots drew our attention,” Monoco said. “There are other forms of energy products out there like candies, strips, chewable, and all, but I think the two-ounce 5 hour Energy is king. No one’s been able to delve into anything that makes more sense for users, but AeroShot might attempt to do that with what they’re doing.”

Monoco said there is some hesitancy about the sale of the new product still.

“Getting the new air shots in the hands of children could lead to inappropriate use,” Monoco said.


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