AllOver Media Creates a Larger Gas Station Ad Network

AllOver Media acquires GSA Media to gain dominance in the fast-growing gas station advertising market.

AllOver Media Inc. recently acquired GSA Media, a division of Brite Media Group, to solidify its place in the gas station advertising market.

Tony Jacobson, founder and CEO for AllOver Media, said this acquisition is important for the company’s plans to become the “premier non-traditional OOH provider” for the gas station industry.

AllOver Media has experienced rapid sales growth, achieving a growth rate of more than 47% for the past three years. The company nationally covers 50,000 gas stations and convenience stores, which surpasses competition, including traditional OOH billboard providers.

Jacobson said AllOver Media delivers close to 5 billion media impressions annually. The company currently serves leading petroleum retailers such as Exxon, Casey’s, Chevron, Circle K and Texaco.


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