Zarco 66 First To Offer E15 Fuel

Zarco 66 is first U.S. gas station to deliver E15 ethanol fuel to consumers, reducing dependence on gasoline and imported oil.

American drivers can now choose to use E15 fuel at the Lawrence, Kan., Zarco 66 gas station.

The Zarco 66 is the first U.S. retailer to offer E15 fuel, which is 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline. The gas station chain plans to offer E15 at another retail station in Ottawa, Kan., later this month.

Zarco 66 will host a grand opening ceremony for the pumps this Wednesday.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the sale of E15 fuel blends in light duty vehicles on June 8, 2012. More than two-thirds of all vehicles on the road can use E15 fuel, and given present market conditions, the fuel will sell for less than E10 or gasoline. 

“Given that ethanol is cheaper than gasoline, E10 and E15 blends are all cheaper than conventional gasoline,” said Matt Hartwig, spokesman from the Renewable Fuels Association.

Scott Zaremba, owner of Zarco 66 stations, said he blends the fuel options at each of his stations. The stations use blender pumps that offer E15, E10, E30, E85 and some biodiesel blends so that consumers can choose the option that works best with their vehicles.

“Alternatives to gasoline are critically important to our nation’s energy future and Americans deserve to have a choice of cost-competitive fuel at the pump,” said Scott Zaremba, owner of Zarco 66 stations, to the press. “With the help of the Kansas Corn Commission, East Kansas Agri-Energy and the Renewable Fuels Association, we are pleased to be the first to offer consumers real choice at the pump in the form of E15 ethanol fuel.”




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    Which Zarco? There is more than one in Lawrence, KS

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