Open Pantry Food Marts Looks To Growth Opportunities

Open Pantry Food Marts has plans to grow and improve business for its eight c-store sites.

Open Pantry wants to continue to operate eight core sites in Southeast Wisconsin, and plans to reposition the Open Pantry Brands for a 2013 roll out.

Open Pantry sold 19 sites to 7-Eleven this summer, which allowed 7-Eleven to re-enter the Wisconsin market. 

“The global brand 7-Eleven offers to this marketplace adds value for consumers interested in their many proprietary offerings,” said Robert Buhler, president and CEO of Open Pantry Food Marts. “Open Pantry’s eight remaining core sites will continue to offer our proprietary products (Willow Creek Cofee, Open Pantry Gourmet Sandwich and Salads, etc.) serving our core customers.”

Buhler had to be certain all Open Pantry employees had the opportunity to transition to 7-Eleven, and 190 of the full and part-time employees did. 

“We encouraged all employees to review 7-Eleven’s employment package and vast growth opportunities,” said Jim Schultz, Open Pantry vice president and director of people assets. “Everything settled out nicely for all store employees, including Open Pantry retaining a key group of highly seasoned store managers to run our core sites.”

Open Pantry has no further plans to divest its remaining eight sites, and wants to look for more growth opportunities. Buhler said his company’s operating risks are lower with fewer sites. 



  1. Del Singh says:

    I think Open Pantry and Mr. Buhler will continue to have great success in retaining their market share in Wisconsin. Their stores are well staffed and operations are well executed. I am satisfied to say the least open pantry will continue to be part of the competitive landscape for retailers and also as one to follow in the industry. Bringing 7-eleven into the market allows some retailers to be able to take advantage of their BCP program and compete with some of the industry leading changes and compete with their proprietary products and logistics to stores.

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