Swisher Offers New E-Cig Line

Swisher Sweets introduces its e-cig products to c-store retailers.

Swisher Sweets entered the electronic cigarette and cigar business this summer season.

The company plans to begin selling its line of e-cigs on Aug. 1 this year, giving consumers an alternative way to smoke Swisher’s products. Murphy Oil, Hess and several other major c-store retailers plan to stock the new e-cig line from Swisher.

“This is our introduction into the category,” said Ed Denk, marketing promotions manager from Swisher. “We saw the electronic cigarette category starting to grow and realized there were no manufacturers (selling e-cigs) with tobacco experience. We felt we could bring legitimacy to the category.”

The disposable e-cigarettes and e-cigars will be sold for $7.99, and the rechargeable kits will be sold for $19.99. Denk said the e-cig products are more cost-effective in the long-run since one disposable e-cig measures to about two packs of regular cigarettes.

All of the e-Swisher product line is assembled tested and filled in the U.S. They will be available in Natural Smooth and Menthol Breeze flavors, while the e-cigar comes in a unique Swisher Sweets taste. They are available in 12 milligram and 18 milligram nicotine levels.

“This is just a growing category that we’ve been keeping our eye on,” Denk said. “We feel (Swisher e-cigs are) going to be the highest quality and best tasting product in the category.”




  1. NutradeLLC says:

    Not sure the can beat the quality of the 399online.com unit that wholesales for $1.99 with free shipping..or the stronger ciggee.com which sells at the same very low price. Recent inprovments in both brands has their puff cout also up well over 900 puffs. Best of all they taste GREAT
    You are late to the game Swisher..but good luck

  2. ps3gamerddj says:

     i hope these taste as good as there cigars.  LOL  and i don’t think they can get there price point down to $1.99. would like to see them try

  3. Jeremy Tigar says:

    Do you sell and deliver to United Kingdom ? Swisher Sweets e cigars ?

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