Unilever Launches Hardest-Working Food Campaign

Facebook group to feature practical hands-on advice, tips and insights to reduce cost, improve taste and cut waste.

Hard work goes hand in hand with a professional kitchen. That’s why Unilever Food Solutions—a global foodservice businesses—is launching a campaign to recognize America’s hardest-working dishes, which stand the test of time and form the backbone of full service restaurant menus throughout the country.

The Hardest-Working Food campaign is live on Facebook and celebrates the top three most popular and profitable dishes: sandwiches & burgers, entrée salads and beef entrées. It reveals the huge opportunity operators and chefs have to boost their business by making small but impactful improvements to staple dishes under the five pillars of taste, cost, time, sustainability and nutrition. Innovative twists that turn a good dish into a great one with higher margins and greater guest satisfaction. And for those who “like” the page they’ll get access to great offers and samples.

Extensive research carried out with chefs on their use of social media revealed that the majority are looking for everyday kitchen tips, not haute-cuisine or complex management guidance, but quick straight-forward chef-to-chef advice delivered daily, which is what’s at the heart of this new campaign. Unilever Food Solutions will be feeding its Facebook group with exclusive content, practical hands-on advice, tips and insights to reduce cost, improve taste and cut waste, all sourced from its 200-strong worldwide network of chefs and from the chefs who join its community.

Pooling the collective experience of millions of hours spent in professional kitchens, community members will be encouraged to share their top tips. “We’ve found that offering vegetarian options in place of meat is a great cost saver,” said Cyndee Krstich for The Coach Sports Grille in Madison Heights, Mich.

Some hard-working food facts to whet your appetite. Did you know that…

· Caesar Cardini, a restaurant owner in Tijuano, Mexico invented the Caesar salad in 1924. It didn’t land on a restaurant menu in the U.S. until 20 years later in Los Angeles, Calif.

· The first diner was born in 1872 thanks to Walter Scott of Rhode Island, who sold food at night from a horse-drawn covered express wagon.

· Today the average American eats 193 sandwiches a year.

Find out more and share what you know  on the Unilever Food Solutions Facebook Timeline <http://www.facebook.com/unileverfoodsolutionsus>.

“We’ll be serving up for our Facebook community daily tips and exclusive material from our network of chefs to help make a big difference to best-selling dishes and a huge impact on the bottom line,” added Ted Skodol, channel marketing director.



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