NCR Silver Helps Small Businesses To Compete

New POS solutions from NCR Corp. help smaller business owners connect with customers and sell products from anywhere.

The NCR Corp. released NCR Silver to give small businesses a hand at running businesses and connecting with customers.

NCR Silver is available for download at or on the Apple App Store for $79 a month. The program is simple and affordable, and is based on point-of-sale software platform that allows small business owners to take payments and manage their businesses with one POS solution. The program works on Apple devices, such as the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

The NCR Corp. has been piloting the program in the Atlanta-area since January, and it is now available for all retailers. An NCR spokesman said the program works best for smaller businesses, retailers, service providers or food trucks.
“NCR Silver allows us to understand what’s going on with our business, which is key to being profitable,” said Tiffany Hodson, co-owner of NCR Silver pilot store Ma Bakeshop & Eatery in Buford, Ga. “The easy-to-run reports have been a huge time-saver.”

The program uses cloud-based technology for its POS solution, and offers more than a simple credit card swipe to retailers. Business owners can do all of the following with NCR Silver:

  • Track inventory and transactions
  • Check profit margins
  • Manage business information
  • Can be accessed from any computer without Internet connection
  • Drives sales events and activity
  • Informs customers of sales, new inventory and store events
  • Can sell products anywhere when combined with a credit card reader, iPad stand, wireless receipt printer and wireless cash drawer
NCR Corporation is a global technology company, based in Duluth, Ga.

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